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Benefits of eating raw food.

Why Raw food ?

The reason why raw food is so beneficial to our total well-being in today's world is the fact that we are dealing with so many immune system issues. These issues affects both the young and the older persons health in our generation. We then have to make sure that 51 Percent of the meal that we have is raw, so that we do not overburden that already burden immune system. We are encouraged to eat organic food which is mainly fruit, vegetables, grains, raw unsalted nuts ,seeds and lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish) in moderation. As we are becoming more aware of the facts and realized that our food have more detrimental effects on our total wellness because most of them are already made and  fast food filled with additives such as MSG, preservatives and artificial coloring's. Even the ingredients of the food that we eat are made from "unhealthy" grown food full of hormones, herbicides and pesticides. More and more people have decided to choose food that is more natural, organic and pure to eat.

The reason why we need to introduce raw and organic food to our diet .

I believe a good percentage of nutrients are lost when we cook food or eat canned or pasteurized food. Plus our bodies have to work a lot harder to digest food when is cooked. This is because heating destroys it's nutrients and natural enzymes, which is bad because enzymes boost digestion and fight chronic disease  because we have limited number of our own enzymes and  natural depletion or reduction can cause diseases in our lives. 

Fruit and vegetables are the most nutrient dense food on the planet, and most of these foods are better eaten raw than cooked. Nutrient dense food has so many nutrients such as vitamins and mineral per calories on like calorie dense foods such as starchy food, food that are high in fat and refined sugar which provides many calories for energy that is not being utilized due to no physical activities in that individual. This will eventually add to the body weight and make it easy for the fat cells to store more fat which could lead to serious medical issues and complications. When we eat more raw food we are taking in more nutrients than we do when we eat cooked food, there are some exceptions however cooked green vegetables tend to be more nutrient dense than raw because we can eat more of then easily than raw. That is the main reason why blending all your difficult and hard swallowing vegetables with some fruits on a daily basis is a good idea to get your nutrient and raw enzymes into your system.This will give your digestive system a break from overworking.

Health benefits of eating raw organic food.

Raw food will help do the followings:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Lower the risk of diabetes
  • Promote healthy weight loss
  • Helps to lower cholesterol
  • Gives you more energy
  • Provides better digestion
  • Increases mental clarity and focus
  • Improves your skin and nail health
  • Prevents chronic pain
  • Help you to detox
  • Help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
          I am a living testimony of this life changing healthy lifestyle, it does work. You will soon discover  that raw food diet is not only filled with healthy nutrients but is very flavorful too.While you may have cravings for your old food items, you will pleasantly be surprised at the amazing alternatives from the variety of raw food recipes. Please give it a go.

I hope this makes sense, thanks for your time hope you come back for more of this divine revelation.


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Eating real food everyday and leaving the junk and processed food for family day out .

What is the real food ?
Real food is food in its most natural state. Real food to me are whole foods of nature than a product made in the industry or food factory. Raw food that you cook yourself from scratch.
Examples are 100% whole-grains rice , whole grain , spaghetti ,whole grain pasta , quinoa ,Bulgur wheat, Barley ,Millet , spelt , whole rye , chia seeds, flax seeds ,Sorghum ,whole-wheat bread, yam, potatoes, sweet potatoes beans , chickpeas and other legumes.

Lots of  fruits and vegetables preferably organic as they are few cents more  expensive than the regular ones. Be encourage to shop for these at your local farmers market to reduce intakes of pesticides and other preservatives. Know your local farmer if possible.

Drinking plant based milk in cereal and tea is a better option as they are made from planets with no added  animal hormones.