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Eating real food everyday and leaving the junk and processed food for family day out .

What is the real food ?

Real food is food in its most natural state. Real food to me are whole foods of nature than a product made in the industry or food factory. Raw food that you cook yourself from scratch.

Examples are 100% whole-grains rice , whole grain , spaghetti ,whole grain pasta , quinoa ,Bulgur wheat, Barley ,Millet , spelt , whole rye , chia seeds, flax seeds ,Sorghum ,whole-wheat bread, yam, potatoes, sweet potatoes beans , chickpeas and other legumes.

Lots of  fruits and vegetables preferably organic as they are few cents more  expensive than the regular ones. Be encourage to shop for these at your local farmers market to reduce intakes of pesticides and other preservatives. Know your local farmer if possible.

Drinking plant based milk in cereal and tea is a better option as they are made from planets with no added  animal hormones.

Eating more of free range chicken , turkey and fish would be a better option to red meats like beef and pork. Buy from your local butcher and don't forget to ask question about where the meats are from. 

Snack on raw nuts, dried fruits ,seeds and homemade popped popcorn more healthier.

Drink water, natural home made juice and milk.  Don't buy frizzy drinks. Drink 2 litres of water daily great for the skin, bowel movement etc .

Please start by making 

  • chips from potatoes
  • Chicken bites from mince chicken fillet ask your butcher to mince it ,so forget nuggets they are processed food.

  • Eat pounded yam from yam once a week in moderation  2 ice cream scooper is your right portion size. please forget poundo yam they are processed.
  • Get local honey , 100% maple syrup instead  from the local health shop.
  •  Soup with fresh tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil etc. 

Thanks everyone for reading I hope it helps .


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